This blog’s purpose

In the upcoming months, there will be tons of bullshit coming out of John McCain’s campaign, out of The White House, and out of the 527 groups and the Republican National Committee. The goals of these groups won’t be to inform the electorate what John McCain will do in office. These groups will aim to confuse voters into thinking that Barack Obama is something he’s not.

So, during the next few months, I will put on my boots and gloves and wade through all the bullshit, clean it off and then let you know the actual truth.

I will use only legitimate sources: newspaper articles, independent studies, etc. I will not post links to partisan groups or anything like that. The best way to combat lies is by telling things the way they truly are, not by throwing out more partisan crap.

Subscribe to my RSS feed as I’ll not be publishing daily, rather I’ll be publishing when an issue comes up.

I hope you enjoy this blog.


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