Rewind: Obama’s “A More Perfect Union” speech

This speech is the one that sealed the deal for me in my support of Obama:

Here’s the text.

He became the first politician I’ve ever seen in my life to sit and talk openly and bluntly about a taboo issue in the United States. That’s the courage we need in The White House.

Update: Ronald Martin at CNN posted a column this morning about the way race, age and gender is playing out in this election:

We are seeing remarkable bias playing strongly in this election. Exit-polling data in the primaries showed some evidence of bias when it came to age, race and gender, but the great concern is whether people are as honest in talking to pollsters as they are in the voting booth.

Because Sen. John McCain is 72 and would be the oldest person to be sworn in as president, there is a lot of dialogue about how old this white guy is, and how wrong it is that he’s running. Age questions also have been raised about the 47-year-old black guy from Chicago and whether he is too young and inexperienced to lead.

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