Here’s my ballot

California Ballot

President/Vice President – Barack Obama/Joe Biden

Proposition 1A – Yes – High-speed train travel is the way of the future. Job creation is No. 1 in a struggling economy and this proposal will create hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Proposition 2 – Yes – Healthier, happier animals equal healthier, better-tasting meat.

Proposition 3 – Yes – Children’s Hospital Bond? How can you say no?

Proposition 4 – No – Uh oh. Here’s a controversial one. Let’s face it, any girl who has a decent to good relationship with a parent will confide her pregnancy to her mother or father. The privacy clause regarding abortion has nothing to do with “predators” unless that predator is the girl’s father or step-father. In addition, teenagers go to lengths to conceal their grades from their parents. What would they do to conceal an abortion?

Proposition 5 – Yes – Treatment for drug offenders is always preferable to locking them up. Heck, there are more drugs in jails than there are on the streets.

Proposition 6 – No – Another step toward a police state.

Proposition 7 – No – On the surface I like this bill a lot. But the Sierra Club, the NRDC and some other respectable environmental groups say it’s seriously flawed. I’m going to take their word for it.

Proposition 8 – No – I think the Bachelor, Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?, and Desperate Housewives does more to harm marriage than allowing a couple of gays and lesbians the opportunity to have all the rights heterosexual couples do. Churches will always be allowed to say no to gay marriages within their doors.

Proposition 9 – No – Another police state measure.

Proposition 10 – Yes – The benefits far outweigh the costs ($10 billion in bonds and interest). Alternative energy research creates jobs.

Proposition 11 – Yes – State contests must be much more competitive. Politicians will be forced to move toward the middle and compromise more on divisive issues.

Proposition 12 – Yes – Vets are out there serving our country. We need to serve them when they come home.

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