Speechless, but a plan

I really don’t know what to say… but here’s my  Jan. 20-June 20 agenda:

1. Pass a public works bill. Put people back to work.

2. Pass an energy bill putting an emphasis on the construction of solar- and wind-power plants.

3. Pass the DREAM Act. Give the children of immigrants the right they deserve.

4. Pass comprehensive immigration reform with an emphasis on workers.

5. Pass a bill banning prescription drug advertising.

6. Pass a bill requiring to give presidential and state candidates free airtime during elections.

7. Pass a line-item veto authorization bill. Get rid of wasteful spending – line-by-line. No more bridges to nowhere.

8. In the new Iraq War spending bill, put a timetable on the withdrawal of troops.

9. Repeal the Bush tax cuts.

Extra: One more round of stimulus checks! JK.

Go Obama. I have never been so proud of my country.

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