Prop 8: A snake in the mailbox?

So it looks pretty official that Prop. 8 passed. However, I think those in favor of it should hold off on the bubbly, and those against it should hold off on the rioting.

Here’s why:

1. There will be lawsuits filed tomorrow (or whenever this amendment takes effect) in Federal Court. And I guarantee that an injunction will be placed on this amendment taking effect.

2. The commercials in favor of Prop. 8 and the arguments made by those in favor always included the phrase, “Liberal judges in Sacramento overturned the voters’ will.” Wrong. Six of the seven California justices were appointed by Republicans. They found that Prop 22 violated the equal protection clause – the law that ended “separate but equal.”

3. The lawsuits will make it to the US Supreme Court. And I believe that the court could easily overturn the California Constitutional amendment and as a result would require ALL states to recognize same-sex marriages.

How would that be for a kick in the ass?

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