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Obama’s right on foreign policy

It’s interesting that on the seventh year anniversary 9/11 that news spread about U.S. military involvement in Pakistan. I say it’s interesting because more than a year ago, Sen. Obama said he supported strikes in Pakistan if that meant protecting Americans at home. At the time, Sen. McCain called Obama’s speech “naive” and said that it’d be wrong to attack a “sovereign nation.”

Let’s not forget that McCain didn’t mind support of attacking the soverign nation of Iraq. Nor that he would’ve supported attacking the sovereign nation of Iran.

But let’s also not forget that this is at least the second time during the campaign that events on the ground have proven Obama right on foreign policy, while McCain, the “experienced leader,” has been proven wrong.

Remember when Obama called on a timetable for troop withdrawals and McCain called that cutting and running? Well, as most know by now, Iraq has insisted, and the Bush Administration agreed, that a timetable must be set for American troop withdrawals from the nation.

Several other blogs and articles have pointed out that Obama, the rookie, the neophyte, the naive one, has been right on most of the major foreign policy issues that he and McCain disagree upon.

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