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What “community organizing” could be in an Obama presidency

When the Obama campaign released its statement about the $150 million from individuals (with an average donation of $86) that had been donated to his campaign in the month of September alone, I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if the Obama campaign turned into the Obama Community Organization in November.

The more than half-a-billion dollars Obama has raised has been a direct result of applying community organizing to fund raising. The advantage Obama now enjoys in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, not to mention the red states that have become competive, all have to do with the ability of the local campaign offices being able to organize an army of volunteers to go door-to-door to ask for votes.

What if all of the Obama campaign offices transformed into non-partisan, non-legislative community organization offices under the discretion of the President of the United States in every major and medium-sized city throughout the country?

Talk about localizing the federal government to help citizens.

Imagine just a few of the possibilities: lawyers-to-be helping hopeful immigrants fill out paperwork; employment offices working directly through local federal government offices to bring the unemployed and the hiring businesses together; adoption agencies connecting hopeful parents with reluctant parents; students having a place to go to talk about the Peace Corps and Americorps in person; experts hosting workshops in filing financial aid forms.

And the army is there. There are millions of college students who could use $4,000 per year in college savings by volunteering at least 100 hours at one of these organizations.

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