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Debate #3 Tweets

Here are all my tweets during debate No. 3 with some explanation:


In 20 days, at this time, all the networks would have already declared Barack Obama president-elect. Can’t wait.

  • Under all reasonable polling data, Obama has a 95 percent chance of winning on Nov. 4.

BTW, that poll said Obama won 2-1 again.

cbs poll said 58 percent are STILL undecided… my recommendation. Just skip the presidential vote.

  • McCain needed to win BIG TIME tonight. He failed to do so.

two thumbs up for Bob Schieffer… best moderator. #current


GW Bush supported vouchers and had a GOP Congress for six years. Still no vouchers. #current

current I’m a private school teacher at a school with declining enrollment. I don’t support vouchers.

  • During the last few presidential election, Republican candidates have promoted vouchers. The last Gallup Poll on education in 2006 showed that only 2 percent of Americans thought school vouchers would be the best way to fix education, while 17 percent believed better teachers and a more basic curriculum were the best ways to improve the system.

Visual Presentation

Obama has completely dominated McCain toward the end of this debate. #current

visually, Obama is much more presidential. #current

McCain has completely lost it

why does McCain keep rolling his eyes? for the old candidate, that’s pretty immature.

  • The moment of the debate didn’t come when John McCain said, “If you wanted to debate George Bush, you should’ve run four years ago. Rather it came when Barack Obama said Joe the Plumber wouldn’t have to pay his employees anything. McCain said, “It wouldn’t?” And when Obama went on to explain the small business exemption, McCain looked shocked. Here’s the video:


Orwellian moment: pro-choice does not equal pro-abortion #current

Lake of Fire… everyone needs to watch that movie about abortion

  • McCain wants to paint abortion as a black and white issue. It’s not. That’s why I recommend everyone watch Lake of Fire. There are several ethical issues involved in the abortion debate and those are explored in that movie. In addition, the anti-abortion movement has really done an excellent job at painting “pro-choice” as “pro-abortion.” This is just like calling someone voting against the Iraq War as someone who supports terrorism.

Taxes and health care

I don’t trust ME with my money. I’d rather buy TVs, cars and video games than health care.

If Joe makes $250,000, he’s in the top 5 percent of all American wage earners.

  • Both of these are completely true. Look around America and most people are like me. Just look at the most irresponsible of all purchases – the SUV. If Americans could be trusted with their money, they wouldn’t buy SUVs and unaffordable luxury homes.
  • If I earned $250,000 per year, I wouldn’t mind paying a bit more in taxes.

Me, a single individual, has to pay $5,000 on my tax plan… poor families. #current

McCain: Liar, liar! Zero! It’s federally mandated!

I wonder if there IS a Joe the Plumber… it’s probably Palin’s husband.

My guess on McCain’s response: THAT BOY wants to have a mandated federal-run health care system. Mine is a tax cut.

  • McCain’s tax credit would do nothing for me. Obama’s would give me a few more dollars in my pocket every month.
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Debate No. 1 – Foreign Policy

I’m not going to say who won, or who lost the first presidential debate. I think it’s silly to pretend that someone can “win” a debate. So, here are my thoughts on foreign policy only (the economy will be center stage next debate):

  1. McCain IS very experienced in foreign policy. This is his strength. He did best when he talked about all the places he’s been as a senator. He did well to relate himself to Reagan and the Cold War and the fall of the USSR.
  2. McCain did well in talking about how much he cares for the returning veterans.
  3. However, McCain gave the same ol’ first term Bush foreign policies of we’re right and the rest of the world is wrong. McCain followed the same ol’ neocon tough talk that put us in this mess.
  4. McCain made a calculated error in saying that his “experience” in foreign policy is what makes him qualified to be president.
  5. McCain forgot tonight that Americans know that people around the world really dislike what the Bush foreign policy has done to the image of the country around the world.
  6. The war in Iraq has really taken some of the moral legitimacy that the US used to have.
  7. Barack Obama’s new foreign policy (or the return to engagement), the idea of meeting with the leaders of troublesome nations like Iran and North Korea instead of ignoring them, is what will appeal to the American people.
  8. In addition, just the idea that Barack might be the president of the United States has the rest of the world excited.

As a result, I don’t think the “experience” ploy that McCain tried to use didn’t play well. People want something different than the Bush policies, which is what John McCain is offering. And the polls show this with 39 percent of CBS’s undecideds say Obama won, while 25 percent say McCain won. On CNN’s poll, Obama won by an even wider margin: 59-31.

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