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Do they not know? Or are they lying?

So, I’ve often visited FactCheck.org during election time to see whether or not the candidates are telling the truth. Usually both candidates stretch the truth equally. Sometimes they can legitimately be accused of lying, but for the most part the fibs are limited to exaggerations.

But this morning when I opened FactCheck.org, which is run by the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania, I saw something unprecedented. Of the 12 fact-checked claims debunked on the front page, nine belonged to the McCain campaign, two belonged to Internet rumors, and one belonged to the Obama campaign.

And the one on Obama was nothing more than the usual campaign mumbo jumbo of exaggerating one’s position at a national convention.

In addition, McCain cited FactCheck.org during one of his speeches recently. It turned out that he had actually misinterpreted (or lied) about the findings.

So, as a voter, I’m left thinking two things:

  1. McCain doesn’t really understand what his opponent’s plan is. With all the lawyers and all the staffers working on his campaign, explaining Obama’s plan and pointing out the differences from his plan, I worry that if McCain still doesn’t understand what his opponent’s saying, he is probably very unqualified for the job of president.
  2. He’s lying about his opponent’s plans in order to confuse voters. He’s trying to appeal to the undecided voters by painting Sen. Obama as the boogeyman.

My vote is on No. 2. For McCain to admit that he visits Factcheck.org and then repeat the same claims over and over again, even though he knows they’re lies, is unprecedented.

On a related note, NPR did a piece last night about Sarah Palin’s “thanks, but no thanks” claim.

I’m tired of the liars and dirty politicking. Let’s once and for all say goodbye to Rovian campaigning.

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